846 : Thomas Webb & Sons Bronze Crackle Vase Thomas Webb $750.00
Category : Glass
Sub Categories : Art Glass, English, Swords
This spectacular vase is Bronze glass by Thomas Webb & Sons ca. 1875 - 1885. The special process to achieve the finish is similar to the Stevens & Williams process to make their spectacular Moss Agate. Each formula was immersed in cold water to achieve the thermal shock crackle, then each was reheated, but where the Stevens was then cased twice to fill in the voids for a smooth finish, the Webb is blown again to pucker the surface with the addition of the final layer.*** FOR THE ADVANCED COLLECTOR - WITH A HIGH INTENSITY LIGHT, THE BASE SHOWS A DEEP EMERALD GREEN, WHICH IS THE ONLY LEGITIMATE COLOR THAT WEBB PRODUCED IN THIS SPECIAL FORMULA!!! References:Art Glass Nouveau, and Carved & Decorated European Art Glass / by Ray & Lee Grover; British Glass 1800-1914 / by Charles R. Hajdamach; Victorian Decorative Glass British Designs, 1850-1914 / by Mervyn Gulliver; Decorative Victorian Glass / by Cyril Manley; Thomas Webb and Co., Stourbridge, England "Bronze" Glass / by Glen & Stephen Thistlewood.
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