J400 : Monumental Schneider Le Verre Francais Vase Schneider Le Verre Francais $2,720.00
Category : Glass
Sub Categories : Art Glass, French, Schneider
Monumental Le Verre Francais (LVF) vase. 19 1/8"h.Charles Schneider Glassworks, Épinay-sur-Seine, France, circa 1920. The yellow glass baluster vase with green and red overlay in the Gui pattern. Ref.: p. 89, Joulin and Maier, 2004, (similar). Several different signatures were used for LVF glass. Early marks (1918-1922) consist of a small tri-color glass rod, (berlingot) a patriotic touch representing the red-white-blue French flag, which was fused into the foot or bottom of the piece. Rather than straight, it can also appear as a tight curl. This signature is commonly referred to as a ‘candy cane’. A LVF vase in the Gui pattern, though a bit smaller and without the flared top sold at Heritage Auction, Dallas, in June 2013 for $3125. including the buyers premium.
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