841 : Stevens & Williams Silveria vase Stevens & Williams $3,200.00
Category : Glass
Sub Categories : Art Glass, English, Stevens & Williams
A beautiful Stevens and Williams Silveria vase 4"h 3 1/2"w.signed. No chips, nicks etc. One spot of oxidation as seen in photo. Silveria was developed in 1900 by John Northwood II, an employee of Williams and Stevens. The process of casing silver foil between two layers of colorless glass. The silver foil was protected from exposure to oxygen and thereby prevented the unfortunate and otherwise inevitable phenomenon of tarnish by being cased between these layers of glass. It required the glassmaker to apply the silver foil to a fully-expanded clear glass bubble that already approximated the size of the intended article. After applying the second layer of colorless glass over the foil no further expansion of the glass was required. For this reason the foil did not split into small fragments as seen in the ware of other manufacturers. After casing the foil the glassmaker applied crushed glass colors to the surface of the bubble, typically in soft shades of pink, blue, yellow and green. Seen against the shimmering silver-foil background, the visual effect closely resembles iridescence. Next the glassmaker ornamented the bubble with freely-applied green threading and finally shaped the article to its finished form. Production of Silveria was discontinued after just a few years.
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