B0287 : Irish Belleek Rare Pair of Belgium Hawkers Belleek $2,000.00
Category : Pottery and Porcelain
Sub Categories : Belleek, Irish, Black Mark
This pair of Belgian Hawkers are both missing their canes. The male hawker has the 1st Black Mark (1863-1890), is painted and is 7" tall. Other than the missing cane it is in mint condition. It has excellent lustrous coloration. The female hawker is unmarked, painted, and is 6 7/8" tall. It is also missing the knob of the cane and has a small chip on the base which can be barely seen when the figurine is standing. From below the chip is about 1/4" wide and very shallow in depth underneath the base.The figure has very good lusterous coloration and facial coloration.It is in mint condition other than the missing cane, knob and chip that we described. Included with this pair is a copy of a photo of Robert Thomas Weir, circa 1894. Mr Weir was the original owner of the male hawker when he immigrated to the US in 1898. The back of the photo has additional provenance recording its ownership leading up to the current owner.
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